2020 was a shit year in many ways (pardon the rude language, but there is no other way to describe it). I am not referring to the pandemic itself, but the consequences of it. The egoism that flourished. The suspicions and distrusts that could be seen in between countries and people. The rapid growth of home grown theories and simplifying (and denouncing) of science. The shrinking European community.

It was therefor very positive when the European Commission outlined a new way of applying for Erasmus+ projects where organizations could be certified on a general basis and then just make minor applications based on specific partners and projects within the overall local Erasmus plan for its organization. We applied to become certified in October, and we were successful. So far we have not really come to any concrete actions when it comes to partners and plans, but next week there is a contact seminar to create cooperation for accredited organizations. Really looking forward to this.

In our Erasmus plan we have outlined two major goals. One is to make the pupils feel positive of their local community and school by presenting them to other European peers. The second goal is to develop structures that help pupils in need of extra support. An excerpt from the Erasmus plan is attached to this post. Please read it and comment. And if you are interested in cooperation, don’t hesitate to contact.