Having a transnational meeting at home, in your own city (even though Borås is not the place I live), is a bit of a paradox. You are not away, but still hardly see anything else than the partners in the consortium. You are not at work, but still literally in school. You sleep quite few hours, but do it in your own bed.

One of the best things about being away for meetings is seeing new places and grasping new cultures. Either school cultures or other kinds of cultures. When you have meetings at home you do obviously not see new cultures. What you do see though is an outsider’s view of your own culture. It is so nice to hear from people from other countries that our school seems to be nice, friendly and open. It is also rewarding to hear that the pupils give such a positive impression. Then there are things that make you a bit surprised. To hear that Borås appears to be a progressive, but still cozy city was a bit of a stunner. Who would have said so if you lived here? Especially if you did in the 80’s and 90’s.

A load of new work awaits before the next meeting, but as always after a meeting; now is the time that you feel energized the most.