I was hardly home any longer than the time needed to run 21 097.5 metres around Gothenburg and then doing some wash up. The next project meeting for TheAma was planned for Mon-Wed.

There was something that had felt a bit vague about this project. I was not really sure about what to do and not really sure about what to expect of its outcome. It felt especially hard when two new enthusiastic delegates from Sandgärdskolan had many questions to ask that I could not answer. I did not know what to expect and what to think about the two days in Mons.

After only a few minutes of the meeting everything fitted again though. Thanks to a wonderful project team that jointly explained and highlighted, and above all where everybody was open minded about their own questions and vague understandings. This was definitely the smallest meeting I have been to, but on the other hand very efficient. Many things could be taken care of in a very short amount of time.

I think that the most important thing I learnt these days in the wonderful city of Mons is that you must be open about your work. If you have not been able to complete everything, say so. It is not that you will not have to do them, but either you do something else instead, you get more time to do them or you get help completing them.

One last notice from the language teacher’s point of view. It’s not often I visit a bilingual country (Finland is not really bilingual in the same way as Belgium), and it therefor took me a while to figure out that the train that was supposed to take us to Mons and showed Bergen was the correct one. Mons (FR) and Bergen (NL) was the same. I should have guessed since I should have figured out that both words mean “mountain”.