Last week I heard all Swedish top candidates being interviewed on radio prior to the MEP-election in 10 days. The man who is first on the list for Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden’s version of UKIP for British readers) said that the issue of taking action for the climate is something that is a matter for the market. Politicians should leave it and let the companies solve it. I do not believe in this. The companies will not do anything, unless they can make money from it. Politics is about ambition, a great leader said. This ambition must be related to the ambition of changing, and thinking that you can change.

The first keynote speeches at the international multiplier here in Nicosia addressed gender inequalities. A delegate commented afterwards that gender imbalance in educational choices is because of different interests and that we must let the most suitable do what suits best. If you are most suitable to take care of children you should stay at home and if you are more prone to do science, you should do that. I might have misunderstood due to the translation, but this argument seems to me to be the same as the climate argument above. We cannot leave this to “natural forces”. It must be actively done.

To illustrate with something else. When we went home from yesterday’s field trip to the Mediterranean for a swim and went through the Troodos mountain we stopped at the village of Orá. In this tiny village we managed to find a little tavern where we could have dinner. Other villagers were sitting around us, eating and drinking coffee. All men. It was the same on the way home. We passed through villages with people sitting out at taverns. All men. Was that only because they were more suited to socializing in public? Were the women (their wives, daughters, mothers) at home just because they were more suited to stay at home. Was that something out of a natural choice?

Finally. My first idea was to call this blog post “Let the right one in”. Due to what happened in USA the other night I changed my mind.