All good things must come to an end, and this week in Cyprus marks the end of the Gigs-project. The project meeting this time centres around two issues. Thursday and Friday, the International Multiplier event is taking place here at the University of Nicosia and the two days prior to that are spent planning for it and also evaluating and working with the final report of the actual project.

As usual, Jonas and I wanted to see something else than the conference venue and the hotel. We started out nicely on our way from the airport when we visited Ayios Sozomenos which was deserted in the 1960’s. The only remaining building still in use is the church, which was open. We went in and had a look. Ten minutes later a car arrived and we were sure that we had set off an alarm of some kind. It turned out to be a drone flyer who used the vast spaces to take a flight.

Monday was the grand day out. We started in the marvellous monastery church of Panayia tis Asinou. The insight that some of the frescoes in this tiny church was done almost 1 000 years ago was enough to make you dizzy. Afterwards we enjoyed a drink in the nearby restaurant and were treated with mespila, a small sweet fruit similar to apricots.

We continued towards the winery in Kyperounda. Nice wine, impressive views on the way there and we realised after a while that we were on the roads towards one of last year’s points of visits; Fikardou.

The last stop on Monday’s road trip was the old village Pera, 25 kilometres outside of Nicosia. It was as if time stood still. An old lady cleaned out the open area in front of the church. A couple of cats skirted along the cobbled alleys. Fruit trees and roses were in full bloom. We decided to eat lunch here and happily discovered the taverna. Unfortunately it was closed on Mondays, the owner told us so we turned around. At that moment a bearded man opened the door on the first floor, and said something to her. It appeared to be her husband and after an intensive discussion in Greek he said “Give us 30 minutes”. Of course we couldn’t turn that offer down and went for a half-hour’s stroll. “Did you notice that he had no trousers on?” I said to Jonas when we walked away. “Yes” was the dead pan answer.

When we came back we were offered a restricted menu and could not really decide what to have out of salad, haloumi, fried mushroom, pita, Cypriot sausages and bacon so we asked them to surprise us. We got it all (which in a way was a surprise). Since it was 4 o’clock and we were completely full there was no need for further food that day.

It’s the (start of) the end of the project as we know it. An we feel fine!