We consider
our multiplier to be successful. There were some 20+ delegates there, most of
them teachers and they were satisfied with what they took part of. Especially
the afternoon’s session with e-books and how to create them was appreciated.

The second
day in Birmingham, or on the outskirts of Birmingham in the idyllic Lickey, was
spent with the UK multiplier. The program was basically similar to the one we
had had in Sweden (perhaps minus the external speakers), but the delegates were
different. In Sweden the vast majority were teachers, but here they were
representatives of organizations that worked with teacher training. Hopefully
they will use the inspiration and material provided and in that way further
disseminate Girls into Global STEM. Our multiplier went straight to the
classrooms, perhaps with a narrower possibility of spreading further on. Which
one is the best? I don’t know. It is interesting that we have such different ideas
on the audience. It might be a natural consequence of Practical Action using
their contacts and we using ours.

The UK multiplier
was jammed in between two meeting days. There are not very many things left in
GIGS now. I am happy to say that I am going to take an active part in one of
the remaining; the systematic literature review. Jonas and I have written a paper
based on the presentation we did at the conference on practice close research
for science and technology teaching in Norrköping in March 2018. Hopefully this
paper will be accepted now with the changes we made according to the review we
got. If the systematic literature review also results in a paper in a journal
(which is the goal), I will have contributed with two pieces of research from
the project. Not bad for a language teacher.

things worth mentioning from the days in Brum are the spin-off effects of this
project. Jonas and Tobias will most likely go to Warsaw next February/March to
work with CEO on digital skills. They are really keen on learning more on how
to work with e-books and other multimedia tools. We have also spread the Swedish
National Tests to the UK. No, not in the way that some young entrepreneurs in social
media tend to do it every year, but in the way that it will be tested at the
deFerrers Academy. We started talking about the tests at lunch with Greg and
Rosie from deFerrers, and the fact that Swedish pupils did and oral part in
Maths was interesting. Jonas showed the open resource that can be found on
Skolverket’s homepage
, and Rosie became so fascinated that she decided that she
really wanted to test it on her pupils. International sharing of resources.